Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HI! Just been painting away....Um here is a robot in the rain....yep I do love crazy robots. The next two sketches were done right after downloading sketchling's newest swatch set from CGhub.com(http://cghub.com/scripts/view/178/). It goes the main colors across the top and a warm/cool grad downward. It was interesting to use because almost all of the swatches are near 100% saturation, which is completely opposite of the way I usually paint. I almost always paint pretty desaturated (which I really like) and too dark(which I'm working on), and that is illustrated in my last painting which is a landscape I did for fun...love them clouds and rocks...can't get enough!


  1. These are so awesome!!

    I can't get over how easy you make it look >:-[

  2. Justin! These are so sweet.Please more