Tuesday, March 15, 2011

oh yeahs

Yep just did some indoor black and white studies. Realized I haven't really done any indoor paintings in about 2 years haha so I thought I would stretch my indoor painting legs and did these...Mostly just stick to perspective and everything else just falls into place :-) Basically made a two point perspective grid and roughed in the shape of the room..blocked in all the walls as pretty much solid values until the room started to work as a room in 3d space and then added some detail...As of recently I have been painting much more zoomed out and actually have been giving my navigator window in PS a lot of attention. It really helps you focus where the overall objects actually sit in 3d space in your painting. And the last one is a robot sketch. I was really focusing on the overall shape and colors and really tried to disregard the details.

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