Monday, February 21, 2011

Here are some quick sketches...I just got a new phone, so I took a photo of a sketch book page and sent them to photoshop to see what would happen...definitely liked the process. The photos were pretty crappy but added a really nice, very chunky grain, that was enjoyable to work with. For me this is way better than scanning...for some reason I have quite the aversion to scanning, I think its because my scanner used to crash my computer after every scan, and turn what should be a simple task into a endless endeavor.

I actually did these quite a while ago for practice. I painted several landscapes from an Ansel Adams book I have. I feel that he did a really great job of keeping his values close and delicate. Also I was really interested in his compositions and how he made them work...Overall it was a really informative process.

And here is me trying to put those studies to work. My fantasy landscape with crazy waterfalls and all. It still has a long ways to go if I want to finish it, But Just wanted to show what I'm working on.

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