Thursday, February 10, 2011

Set, Reset, and Sunset.

So I have been working on this piece on and off for awhile now. I started with a set of thumbs. I picked the top right one. I definitely didn't stick to the orginal plan, but I feel that even though it changed drastically, that the overall basic shape and composition stayed the same. The main change came about when I decided that I wanted to paint a sunset that faded off into the distance. Another thing that I have been thinking about lately is the best way to finish something. I feel that usually I try to render everything as much as I can...But I realized that actually if you don't render certain parts that it makes the painting go faster and look better...I mean shoot that rock in the corner might not look as awesome, but the whole painting works better as a whole, and I guess thats the point.

I also picked the top left one for another picture some of you might know...I might also post that one at a later point.

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